About OptiServe

Background: Revision of Optical Sorting Machines

Antoine van Kasteren, founder of OptiServe, personifies a unique combination of knowledge and hands-on experience. His expertise in optical sorting machines includes both mechanical and electronic know-how. In 2003, he decided to start his own business.  From then on, OptiServe built an excellent reputation in the revision of sorting machinery.  An increasing number of customers have benefitted from the firm’s active approach, service-mindedness and innovative solutions.

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Customized to your Budget

Are you looking for an optical sorting machine which fits your budget as well as your specifications? OptiServe can match both. As the newest generation in sorting machines, the Xcalibur is truly one of a kind. Being an all-rounder among optical sorting machines, it will definitely enhance your production process of fries. If you opt for the E-select by OptiServe, you will have acquired a premium pre-owned machine. And with the Glide, you not only reduce waste to a minimum, you will actually recover your investment in no time.

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Innovative Sparring-partner

Acting as a sparring-partner is second nature for OptiServe. As this goes, the Glide is a perfect example. Since we have revised sorting machines for many years, our know-how and practical experience is very well-founded. This applies not only to sorting machines, but also to specific user requirements and to all common makes. What's more: we are always keen to take on a challenge. As a result, we have met the market's need for an advanced, durable sorting machine by developing the Xcalibur. This new generation of optical sorting machines was designed in close co-operation with Wageningen University (UR Food & Biobased Research).