“All big cut-apple-processors have an OptiServe”

Gaetschenberger260Gaetschenberger & Arnold GBR have invested well in their quality process. This processor of several cut-apple-products has chosen an OptiServe sorting machine with “double-check-system”.

This means that a transport system takes care of two inspections on one optical grader. One big step forward in the quality process of this German apple processor. It was very obvious for Udo Gaetschenberger that he was going to chose for an OptiServe sorter, because “all Dutch big processors of cut-apple-products have an OptiServe sorting solution and they are satisfied about them!”

And that is correct! Even VS Apple Industries, Europe’s biggest processor has one!

Project ‘Gaetschenberger’ contains:
- OptiServe 1300 with latest vision system
- Infeed shaker, type 1300
- Double-check-system