Invest in customized Sorting Machine

Join the many other sorting companies, both home-based and abroad, in implementing OptiServe's validated success formula. Take on the challenge and invest in an optical sorting machine which will fit as if tailor-made. The E-select is an attractive alternative for the Xcalibur. And this investment is certain to pay off.

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Premium Pre-owned: 100 % customized for your budget and requirements

Are you searching the market for optical sorting machinery which suits your budget? For sure, the E-select by OptiServe is the finest pre-owned machine money can buy. Its features not only include sorting potato products such as French fries, sliced or diced potatoes and chips. Moreover, the E-select can be deployed for cut carrot and apple products,  green beans and even pebble stones.
OptiServe offers both color-sorters and black-and-white sorters. The diversity between good and defect products will determine the type of machine you need.

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Ideal for smaller Processing Companies

After revision, the sorting machine frame will look good as new. All mechanical components are up and running smoothly again. And all electronics are adjusted entirely to your requirements. OptiServe is master in revisions and able to meet any budget. This means that smaller processing companies can also dispose of a customized sorting machine.  A very convenient option, since often there is not enough capital to purchase  brand-new machinery.

E-select and Glide: 1 + 1 = 3

Deploying a combination of E-select and Glide grants you a unique configuration which will lift your optical sorting process to the next level.  The E-select sees to evenly spreading and sorting of the fries. Defect fries are scanned and rejected. A conveyer belt transports them to the Glide. This shrewd cutting system removes any brown and black ends. In turn, waste is kept to a bare minimum. And at the same time, you increase your output!