Invest in customized Sorting Machine

Join the many other sorting companies, both home-based and abroad, in implementing OptiServe's validated success formula. Take on the challenge and invest in an optical sorting machine which will fit as if tailor-made. The E-select is an attractive alternative for the Xcalibur. And this investment is certain to pay off.

Premium Pre-owned: 100 % customized for your budget and requirements

Are you searching the market for optical sorting machinery which suits your budget? For sure, the E-select by OptiServe is the finest pre-owned machine money can buy. Its features not only include sorting potato products such as French fries, sliced or diced potatoes and chips. Moreover, the E-select can be deployed for cut carrot and apple products,  green beans and even pebble stones.
OptiServe offers both color-sorters and black-and-white sorters. The diversity between good and defect products will determine the type of machine you need.