Invest in customized Sorting Machine

Join the many other sorting companies, both home-based and abroad, in implementing OptiServe's validated success formula. Take on the challenge and invest in an optical sorting machine which will fit as if tailor-made. The E-select is an attractive alternative for the Xcalibur. And this investment is certain to pay off.

E-select and Glide: 1 + 1 = 3

Deploying a combination of E-select and Glide grants you a unique configuration which will lift your optical sorting process to the next level.  The E-select sees to evenly spreading and sorting of the fries. Defect fries are scanned and rejected. A conveyer belt transports them to the Glide. This shrewd cutting system removes any brown and black ends. In turn, waste is kept to a bare minimum. And at the same time, you increase your output!