Less Waste, higher Output in sorting Fries

The process of optical sorting fries involves waste products. The goal is to keep this percentage as low as possible. OptiServe has developed a shrewd cutting system which will increase output. And reduce waste to a bare minimum. Discover what the Glide has to offer.



Advantages of the Glide in a Nut Shell

The Glide has a rotating drum which positions the defect fries lengthwise into different slits. Then, the cutting machine transports these fries to the cutting section. The capacity that the Glide can take on is enormous. Besides this, it does not use any water at all. This means you will save considerably on water consumption. The Glide is equipped with an adjustable cut of 10 to 25 millimeters. In addition, you can opt for an integrated sorting vibro with interchangeable sorting tray.

Glide infeed


E-select and Glide: 1 + 1 = 3

Deploying a combination of E-select and Glide grants you a unique configuration which will lift your optical sorting process to the next level.  The E-select sees to an evenly spread and to sorting of the fries. Defect fries are scanned and rejected. A conveyer belt transports them to the Glide. This shrewd cutting system removes any brown and black ends from the French fries. In turn, waste is kept to a bare minimum. And at the same time, you cleverly increase your output!