“Successful Company visit by young students for project: Weert on Stage”

Weert on Stage 28feb19 bewerkt Successful company visit today by some young students from the Weert area. They were shown a demonstration movie and introduction by Herbert Klunder about our company and sorting machines. Further more they visited the factory and saw a demonstration of the Xcalibur Optical Sorter. We hope they had a nice time and found it interesting. Now they may have an impression of the profession of Machinebuilder en might see a future in technical education and profession. Enthousiastic young people are very much wanted in our branche. Thanking the organization of "Weert on Stage" and Mr. Guy Somers of Werk en vakmanschap.




"Looking back with satisfaction at a very successful Fair"


With our Team we can look back at a very successful fair! Thanks to all, who have celebrated our 15-years anniversary with us during the Interpom Primeurs 2018. We very much appreciated your presence. Ofcourse we will attend again in 2020!

 Interpom2018 Team klein


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OptiServe BV celebrates 15th anniversary on Interpom Primeurs 2018!


This year OptiServe is existing 15 years which we would like to celebrate together with you!
logo Optiserve 15 jaar transparant
We are pleased to invite you to our stand at the Interpom Primeurs 2018, where you can admire our newest Xcalibur 720 with your own eyes. We will be on hand to tell you all about its unique performance and how Xcalibur will improve the yield of your production process, because its sorting results are exceptionally good!

Foto deel stand leeg1
This is how OptiServe has definitely changed the standard in the potato industry!
At our stand number 1122, Hall 1, Kortrijk Xpo, we would love to raise our glasses together with you.
Further information you will find on: 

Xcalibur Demo Days becomes: “Demo Month”!


During the period of 16 October to 6 November 2017 OptiServe has invited all its customers and prospects to come to their demo room in Maarheeze for a demonstration on Xcalibur, the most innovative optical sorting machine with its extraordinary sorting results. Food processing companies from all across the world where able to see the sorting results of their product having regard to the provisions of there own problems and personal desires. During these demo days all innovative features of this machine where explained with a great passion. OptiServe has received many attention and visits in a short period and that is why the Demo Days period was enlarged with another two weeks, so basically it became a “Demo Month”!


Xcalibur exceptional sorting results 0 lr
The demonstrations with Xcalibur gave all food processors interesting stand of views. OptiServe got their confirmation of the good results and also they have been told to have a big treasure of experience.
Especially the prospects showed themselves happy with this fresh wind of air from the OptiServe stand of view:
“Finally there is a company that showed me a new vision, because Xcalibur is really sorting according another way”

"With great certainty
Xcalibur removes a scanned defect, while there is hardly good product located between the bad. There is no better sort than this"

“OptiServe has a good and motivated team containing a big knowledge about the sorting technique. They are standing behind their opinion and product!”

“They have thought about everything. They even solved problems which we unconsciously have accepted for a long time as being a part of the optical sorting process…”

… and this comes from the fact that OptiServe has much experience with several brands. They where always able to see improvements in every brand. And so this knowledge just came to OptiServe, because of their experience with used machines.
Besides a good demo and a walk around the machine, OptiServe gave all the visitors their vision and opinion about:
   - Patented “intelligent puffing”
   - Increase of capacity by higher speed
   - In-line length measuring
   - Sorting on length and size
   - Reverse sorting (rejection by blowing on good objects, instead of the bad)
   - Stability of the vision system
   - Availability and feedback of data (OPC-UA)
   - Sustainability and air consumption
- Hygiene and ease of maintenance
They had to enlarge the Demo Days to one month. Of course this says enough about OptiServe being able to enjoy all interests. And realize that still companies have promised to come later this month.
Thinking of all the positive reactions and interesting leads, OptiServe is expecting that soon Xcalibur will be connected to a lot of amazing people and companies.
It will face a glorious future!

Xcalibur proves unique skills at leading European French fries producer!!


OptiServe is proud to announce that Xcalibur has proven its unique skills at a leading European French fries producer. The sorting results are exceptionally good! That is how OptiServe has definitely changed the standard in the world of sorting!


OptiServe Xcalibur 002


Two years ago OptiServe showed a preview of Xcalibur at Interpom Primeurs. This their new generation optical sorting machine. This year the first machine was successfully installed at a leading European French fries producer. The machine has outclassed all set objectives! This proves that the market is ready for Xcalibur. Last November OptiServe showed their new optical grader at Interpom Primeurs again. This one is also sold!


 OptiServe Xcalibur 001

Mister Barthel, Kuijten, Morthorst, van Kasteren, Schulze en Schmidt are taking a toast on the new investment. Also Agrarfrost is waiting full of joy for their blockbuster, Xcalibur, to be installed at their factory in Oschersleben (Germany).


Particularly the sorting result of this machine is distinctive. So Xcalibur improves the yield of a production process. The patented “Intelligent Puffing” makes Xcalibur extraordinary special. The machine scans and creates realistic images of passing potato products. That is how the system exactly knows how the objects are positioned. Based on this information the defects will be rejected by small and ridiculous fast valves that have engaging times of 1 millisecond. The rejection is so accurate on the object that the influence on the “good” product is almost null.


 Xcalibur exceptional sorting results 0 lr

Xcalibur has  much more advantages. You can not miss one of them!


OptiServe would love to tell you about them in a personal conversation. So please dial 0031-495-588510 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You are mostly welcome in Maarheeze, the Netherlands!




Worldwide exclusivity "Glide" for FAM nv!



OptiServe has agreed on a worldwide exclusivity for the sales of Glide with FAM nv from Belgium. FAM is European market leader for industrial cutting solutions voor de food market.


 banner FAM frites 002

Of course you know Glide, the spot cutter of defect French fries! For about 4 years OptiServe is selling this cutting machine with success, because of it’s easy working and attractive “Return of Investment”. The world of processing equipment has also noticed that this machine has been accepted by processors of French fries all over the world.


Also FAM nv, established in Kontich Belgium, has received positive feedback from the market about Glide and sees this ‘spot cutter’ as an added value for their big product range of industrial cutting solutions. Therefore Guy Baeten, Strategic and Business Development Manager at FAM nv, is happy with this development:


“FAM nv manufactures cutting machines for cutting potatoes to slices, dices and French fries. Cutting potatoes is a very accurate and important part of the process to a perfect end product. FAM desires to help her customers with the best cutting solutions and Glide, with its entire frame of stainless steel, completes the product range of a specialist in potato cutting machines. Next to cutting defect French fries, Glide also has possibilities in other markets”.


Glide lrVincent Kuijten, Sales Manager at OptiServe BV is very excited:
“This is truly fantastic! It is a big compliment for us that companies like FAM see such abilities in our product, because the FAM machines are distinguishing their selves world wide as technical, most functional and finest solutions! This says something about where OptiServe stands with our innovative set of mind and practical performances, really wonderful!"
Besides Vincent says that OptiServe has been spending lots of energy into an even more professional machine: “Glide has been improved with better knives, a better transport of the product through the machine and also we have worked on the ‘Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Machinery Directive’. And”, he adds, “because FAM sees our improvement and thereby is going to sell our Glide it gives us the possibility to focus on the optical sorting machines and particularly our biggest innovation Xcalibur . This does not mean that OptiServe is throwing this machine completely overboard, because when questions appear about Glide and Turn Key projects, customers can still ask me!”

FAM Glide kleur q lr


When you have any questions about this message, do not hesitate to contact OptiServe! Of course they are willing to answer your questions in a personal conversation.


“Once again Quik’s Potato Products chooses OptiServe!”


With their experience as a supplier of the food industry, Quik’s Potato Products understands what their customers want and are able to demand. They are capable of delivering the quality that befits the product or brand. OptiServe is an important link on this! For more than 10 years OptiServe is their preferred supplier as it comes to optical sorting machines for their several cut potato products. These machines take care of the desired quality of their potato slices, dices, parts, Parisian and French fries.  


Peter Quik Jr, director of Quik’s Potato Products B.V. says that in this specialization there is no other choice for his company as OptiServe!
Peter says: “We only work with suppliers that add something to our vision. They will continuously need to be reliable and must always have the urge to perform. Also these machines have predictable maintenance costs and they fit in our image. That is clear and nice!”
“And”, Peter adds, “we have a need to improve our quality management constantly and that is why we have invested again in another optical sorting machine from OptiServe!


logo Quiks lr

“Orkla Sweden invests in 3rd sorter at OptiServe”

foto260OptiServe has installed another optical sorting machine at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sweden AB (OLW). This processor of chips is the market leading company in Sweden.
Because they have good experience with OptiServe in their Scandinavian group and since they are also happy with their two other optical sorting machines, their decision was clear: the 3rd optical sorter is also going to be an OptiServe!

Stefan Larsson, Project Manager at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sweden is satisfied and says:

“OptiServe have supplied two sorting machines in the past and we recently installed the third sorter with very good result!”


foto2260Project ‘Orkla Sweden’ contains:
- OptiServe C1700 with latest vision system
- Transport system of rejected chips

OptiServe replaces 20 Bulgarian employees!

Bulkarto 260What do you do when you are a processor of frozen French Fries and you have 20 Bulgarian employees and also lots of black spots in your product? Exactly, you contact OptiServe in the Netherlands!

After listening to the advice of Antoon Wallays from Agristo NV, Vasil Glavchev and Ilia Iliev from Bulkarto Ltd. have contacted OptiServe.
From the first minute the contact was good and very soon after that a project with an OptiServe sorting machine and two pieces of Glide were installed at the Bulkarto coldstore in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Vasil Glavchev says: “Our families are charmed by the OptiServe attitude towards our problems and finding a way to solve them!”
Bulkarto 260 1And ofcourse OptiServe is happy to have satisfied customers and ‘friends-for-life’!

Project ‘Bulkarto’ contains:

- OptiServe sorting machine with latest vision system

- Two Glide’s, with elevator belt and shaking sorting deck

- Transport belt and elevator belt to packaging


“All big cut-apple-processors have an OptiServe”

Gaetschenberger260Gaetschenberger & Arnold GBR have invested well in their quality process. This processor of several cut-apple-products has chosen an OptiServe sorting machine with “double-check-system”.

This means that a transport system takes care of two inspections on one optical grader. One big step forward in the quality process of this German apple processor. It was very obvious for Udo Gaetschenberger that he was going to chose for an OptiServe sorter, because “all Dutch big processors of cut-apple-products have an OptiServe sorting solution and they are satisfied about them!”

And that is correct! Even VS Apple Industries, Europe’s biggest processor has one!

Project ‘Gaetschenberger’ contains:
- OptiServe 1300 with latest vision system
- Infeed shaker, type 1300
- Double-check-system