OptiServe replaces 20 Bulgarian employees!

Bulkarto 260What do you do when you are a processor of frozen French Fries and you have 20 Bulgarian employees and also lots of black spots in your product? Exactly, you contact OptiServe in the Netherlands!

After listening to the advice of Antoon Wallays from Agristo NV, Vasil Glavchev and Ilia Iliev from Bulkarto Ltd. have contacted OptiServe.
From the first minute the contact was good and very soon after that a project with an OptiServe sorting machine and two pieces of Glide were installed at the Bulkarto coldstore in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Vasil Glavchev says: “Our families are charmed by the OptiServe attitude towards our problems and finding a way to solve them!”
Bulkarto 260 1And ofcourse OptiServe is happy to have satisfied customers and ‘friends-for-life’!

Project ‘Bulkarto’ contains:

- OptiServe sorting machine with latest vision system

- Two Glide’s, with elevator belt and shaking sorting deck

- Transport belt and elevator belt to packaging