What’s in a name

The name is Serve. OptiServe.  Allow us to explain the origin of our company name. Service is in our DNA. Service is the driving force behind all of our company's activities.  And service is the foundation upon which OptiServe is built. We can take on any problem which may occur with sorting. We are resolute to solve any emergency which involves sorting machines.  And we are keen to meet any challenge we encounter. 


Service and Maintenance pay off!

Imagine that you are driving to a meeting on a misty winter's morning. When you switch on the heating, your glasses steam up. Will you be able to see clearly in the car mirrors? Optical sorting machines are also equipped with lenses and mirrors.  If these become smudgy due to intensive use, their function is compromised. Therefore, it is essential to have all cameras,  lenses, mirrors  and the scanning tunnel cleaned regularly.






Include a Service Agreement

OptiServe adheres to professional service as well as to regular maintenance. This approach not only prolongs the lifetime of your sorting machinery. It will also ensure high-quality sorting.  Automobiles require an annual inspection. Having your machines checked on a regular basis, is also a wise choice. If you enter into a service contract with us, you can count on top-notch maintenance.  Just like with car inspections, OptiServe will keep track of timely appointments.