unique and innovative All-rounder

You will be surprised by the speed and effectiveness of this unique, innovative all-rounder. The Xcalibur excels when it comes to computerized quality control within the optical sorting process. As a result of the numerous possibilities for classification, the Xcalibur lifts the process of sorting to a higher level. What's more: the output of your production process will soar.

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XCalibur classificatie 


Numerous Possibilities for Classification

The Xcalibur is an ace in the field of high-performance in optical sorting. No doubt, you will benefit greatly from the vast variation in classification categories. The Xcalibur is capable of scanning and projecting realistic images of the potato products that pass. The shrewd computer system can sort by structure, mass, shape and color. Just preset this "all-rounder" to the type of product, quality desired and/or to any other specific requirements.

Intelligent Rejection

Superlative in Intelligent Rejection

The patented method in which the Xcalibur scans and rejects potato products is unprecedented.
Four cameras interface in order to project an image of the products passing by. The position of these products on the conveyor belt is not relevant. After this optical action the Xcalibur reveals its most clever feature. Within a fraction of a millisecond it decides: Approve or Reject. Per second, it is able to process approx. 3500 - 4000 pieces. This impressive amount makes the Xcalibur unique in its kind.



Incredible Sorting Rate

The Xcalibur is not only a true blockbuster.  It is also holds pole position among optical sorting machines. Today's widespread technology enables a sorting speed of maximum 3 m/s. As a result of innovative software and specific mechanic construction, the Xcalibur can reach a maximum speed of 5 m/s. Just imagine what the effect of this elevated processing speed would be on your production capacity. Major advantage: you can increase capacity without installing a wider detection belt.  Also, you will gain from the fact that products are more evenly spread.




quality Control


Quality Boost through Inline Quality Control

Do you regularly take samples during the sorting process to check the quality level? The Xcalibur will render this step obsolete. It features a computerized quality control including a visual remote control which can be monitored from a distance. This means that the Xcalibur not only saves on time and labor. It will also boost the sorting process and the quality control. Defects are scanned and removed immediately. Good products are tallied meticulously.  Non-stop; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.